Drake Hardware & Software
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About Us

Drake Hardware & Software is a consulting firm with the main focus of analysis, design and implementation of network infrastructures and systems including website design and programming for businesses. Our consultants have a combination of over seventy-five years of experience in the computer hardware, software, web and networking fields.

Drake Hardware & Software was started in January of 2002 to fill a void that many small and medium businesses have in their Information Technology Staff (IT Staff). Many of these companies could not justify and/or afford having their own in-house IT Staff, yet they wanted someone who was familiar with their systems and cutting edge technology. Drake Hardware & Software fills this void by installing systems and learning the operations of the business or organization to fulfill the needs in the best interest of the company.

Drake Hardware & Software can perform an analysis to identify the current status of a company’s network and business configuration. We assist companies with budgeting and business expansion in the computer technology field but also in the work flow and marketing of their business or organization. Drake Hardware & Software will be with you now and into the future “Making Business Life Easier”.

As authorized resellers for several manufacturers, we provide full systems and deal with multiple vendors to get the best hardware and software pricing for your company or organization.

Drake Hardware & Software supports and contracts with manufacturing companies in Southeast Iowa, West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri as their full IT staff or providing support for their current IT department.

Customer Service is a very important part of our business. Drake Hardware & Software's main focus is to take care of our clients by making their business life easier. We believe in helping our clients grow through the never ending process of building a business. We help to educate your company; we feel that education is essential in order to keep systems running as smoothly as possible. The more educated clients are the more they want to learn which makes their business much easier.

TurnKey Creations, a division of Drake Hardware & Software, was opened in January of 2004 focusing on developing and growing customers horizons in website, multimedia, social media, branding and print design.