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This notice describes how user information collected on this site may be used.

The privacy practices outlined on this page apply to Drake Hardware & Software and its staff, reffered to "Drake H&S".

Drake H&S is dedicated to protecting your personal information. All revisions in this privacy policy will be noted and dated. Paper copies of this policy are available upon request.

Drake H&S will use information collected in this site for purposes of direct marketing including e-mail, postcards, brochures and other printed and electronic material. Drake H&S agrees to abide by all direct marketing laws including permanent list removal when requested. Drake H&S may contact you for the purpose of customer satisfaction, requested materials and shown interest in provided services.

Drake H&S will not sell or give the information collected in this site to other entities outside of Drake H&S except for in the following circumstances:

Drake H&S will disclose any information collected on this site to any law enforcement or court upon request.

This Notice In Effect As Of January 1st, 2006.