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IBM Unveils Brain-like Chip

Windows 8 logoWorm like intelligence that allows a computer to function like the human brain was only found in a science fiction thriller. However, IBM believes they are on the road to creating computers that can do just that. Although, the achievement of a human-like intelligence in a computer is down the road, researcher Dharmendra Modha states that the chips he held were proof that a “new generation” of computers is in the offering.

It is the first cognitive computer core that brings together computation in neuron form. Memory is in synapse form and is the route of communication in the form of axons, Modha states. These chips could form the basis of computers that are capable to monitor real-time traffic light cameras, notice a problem and contact an ambulance in time enough to save lives.

Another application for the chips would produce this scene: Sensors embedded in the ocean lining would detect temperature, humidity and wave height to acoustics and turbidity. With constant monitoring of the data, the chips could identify patterns such as rogue waves interrupting shipping as well as a predicting a tsunami that could wipe out villages. This barrier encased instrument with sight, smell, temperature and other sensors could tell grocery store handlers how to identify fruits and vegetables that may be contaminated. Neuron facilitated predictions will be part of the horizon.

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