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Microsoft Announces End of Support

Microsoft has announced they plan to end support of Windows XP and Office 2003 in early 2014. At that time, only customers with existing support contracts with Microsoft will continue to receive security and stability updates.

When it ends, XP will become Windows longest supported operating system, lasting for over 12 years. The new line up of Microsoft software including a new operating system and office suite have been given launch dates. Windows 8 is slated for a launch date of October 26 and Office 15 is available for beta download now, with full availability coming soon.

Windows 8 will build off of the successful Windows 7 core, with updates to allow it to run on more devices such as tablets and smart phones. It will also allow you to keep files in the cloud, allowing you access to them when you sign in from any Windows 8 device, no matter where you are. For smaller devices, it will allow you to utilize your touch screen to zoom, rotate or scan through files, similar to looking at photos on a phone.

Windows 8 offers more security both at work and home. With family features you can block what children can look at or download, even restricting access to the Windows store. On the business end, Windows 8 offers easy to deploy data encryption, and a third party antimalware program is the first process to start. Moving the antimalware program to the trusted boot order helps insure a virus free PC. In the event of malware intrusion, Windows 8 can automatically detect it and repair the system.

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