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Drake Hardware & Software Offers Off-Site Backups

Drake Hardware & Software is pleased to announce a new service; Off-Site imaging and archiving. Storing data off-site is an easy way for companies to secure data against hardware failure, catastrophe or theft.

Archiving allows off-site storage of static files, freeing up your local server space. Archiving can be set to be an automatic process, requiring minimal effort on the part of the customer. The archive is kept in a secure location in the heart of the U.S. The files can be easily retrieved using a simple web browser if you have a problem locally.

Imaging allows you and your company to turn your pile of documents into encrypted electronic copies. You simply scan the document and upload it to the secure server. The documents are backed up nightly at the data center, and are available to view 24/7. Documents can be password protected; allowing access to only the people you or your company gives authorization. All of the documents can be viewed, printed or emailed via an easy browser interface.

For both of these services, you and your company will pay for only the storage space you use. Drake Hardware & Software offers cost effective ways to store your files and documents, and can free up physical space like a file cabinet or digital space, like a local server.

For more information about either of these virtual solutions, contact Drake Hardware & Software today at 319.752.1155