Drake Hardware & Software
IT Consulting


Systems Analysis and Evaluation

Drake Hardware & Software are also business consultants, not just a computer company. We do more than look at your computer system, we build your network to be the foundation for the future of your company. We help businesses eliminate redundant work so employees can be more productive within your company. Our networks are built as the foundation of your company!

Drake Hardware & Software consultants are also experts in office to office, or home to office connectivity. In recent years the need for offices to easily connect has become a necessity in small businesses. The ability to work from home is often a large advantage in the business world.

Networking and Wireless

Connecting computers, buildings and branch offices to improve connectivity and productivity.


Streamlining costs and maintaining privacy by keeping computers and users safe from hacks, malware and websites they shouldn’t access.

Cloud Management and Backups

Lowering capital expenses and infrastructure by helping our clients securely migrate systems management, application processing and data storage to tightly-managed, off-site resources.


Our seasoned staff eases the shopping experience by shopping for your company and finding quality at the best pricing.