Drake Hardware & Software
IT Consulting

PC Support

From a 500 computer network to a single home user computer, we are here to keep you up and running. Drake Hardware & Software delivers the knowledge and skill of an in-house staff at half the cost. Our services can be performed on-site, for businesses, to help reduce downtime on mission critical stations, another savings for your company.

Services Include

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Hardware and software upgrades and installation
  • Data backup, conversions and transfers
  • Computer repair
  • Wireless connectivity
  • New PC setup

Home Users

Drake Hardware & Software will not only work with you in your business environment, they will also make sure your home computer is working well too. Call Drake Hardware & Software for your home user needs.

Computer viruses and spyware are the two biggest reasons why computers crash. These computer infections can cause your computer to freeze, constantly reboot, and not start up. Time is of the essence. The longer you wait to remove viruses and spyware, the more they can fester, damage your operating system, and possibly cause your computer not to function at all. The more advanced viruses and spyware may share personal and financial information among others.

Pop-ups and spam are two of the biggest nuisances you may find. Pop-ups may be associated with spyware or tied into error code boxes from software issues. Like viruses, but not as serious, pop-ups should be removed quickly before your computer is slowed down and experiences software conflicts. Spam is a big time-waster for email. You receive tons of email per day so getting junk mail just slows down your productivity. Spam should be removed swiftly or it will only build up in more volume over time.